Commercial & Network Cabling in Norwich & Norfolk

Home Networking

Modern home entertainment systems are highly IP (internet) based. With increased demand and use of High Speed Broadband (ADSL and Fibre) in the home, a fast connection from your network switch or router, to a PC, laptop, printer, games console, TV, Recorder, CCTV system etc is imperative to ensure a reliable connection. CAT5e cabling can be installed from your switch or router, allowing simultaneous use of your Broadband Internet or Wireless connection anywhere in the home (oe home-office). Wireless can be slow and connection can be intermittant.

Office & Business Networking

A business network lets you share documents, share printers, share a single internet connections between multiple computers and be more productive. Sands can cable your new or existing office with fast network cabling.

Commercial Installations

We can install your flat screen TV / monitor, projector or any audio visual / multimedia hardware or cabling in many commercial premesis:

  • Offices
  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Public areas
  • Retail and shops
  • Reception areas
  • Meeting rooms and Lecture Theatres
  • and more…
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